On-Call Shelter Specialist

Lewisburg, WV
Salary: $10.00 /hour

Job Description

Shelter Advocate for a non-profit, domestic violence shelter and rape crisis center in Lewisburg.

Hours: As needed, provide relief for permanent staff

Part-time, no benefits.


1. Takes appropriate action for supervision of the safety, security, and well-being of shelter residents and maintains shelter operations, including orderliness and cleanliness, within general operational guidelines.

2. Responds to all emergencies, such as calls for ambulance and police, notifying

3. Answers shelter phones and doors.

4. Handles minor disputes and problems of residents as they relate to shelter living.

5. Conducts intakes, assigns rooms, performs shelter orientation, supplies physical needs, and conducts discharges.

6. Institutes any action appropriate concerning client warnings, discharges or transfers, in accordance with established policies.

7. Maintains, compiles, and files reports, as assigned.

8. Interacts with clients either on an individual or group basis.

9. Maintains a supportive atmosphere in the shelter.

10. Informs all staff of significant happenings, resident observations, and current status of all shelter matters at the end of the shift, via entries in the logbook.

11. Documents identified needs of shelter clients, such as groceries, diapers, etc., and/or needed equipment and building repairs.

12. Prepares and manages client tasks supporting maintenance of shelter by preparing weekly chores list, as assigned.

******Please do not call. Please note that we utilize the phone screening feature with Indeed. You will receive a separate email if chosen for further consideration.

Job Type: Temporary

Salary: $10.00 /hour

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